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Pastor Matthew Fanning


A Prayer of Hope  


God Sues the Nations

They Parted My Land

They Cast Lots Over Israel

The Nations are Harlots

God and Southern Lebanon

Valley of Decision


The Two Mysteries


Capture of the Ark Pt 1 - God as a POW?

Capture of the Ark Pt 2 - Future History of Israel

Capture of the Ark Pt 3 - Future History of Gentiles

Capture of the Ark Pt 4 - Mice and Hemorrhoids

Capture of the Ark Pt 5 - The Ark Returns


Balaam - Part 1 - On Being Paid to Curse Israel

Balaam - Part 2 - The Man Paid to Curse Israel

Balaam - Part 3 - Balaam's Parables

Balaam - Part 4 - In the Last Days

Balaam - Part 5 - The Doctrine of Balaam


Babies Are Wonderful But They Have to be Born Again


Correcting the Distortions of our Teachings


Psalm 83 ~ Part 1 ~

The Soon Coming Fate of Israel's Near Neighbors

Psalm 83 ~ Part 2 ~

Why Do They Make Such a Tumult?

Psalm 83 ~ Part 3 ~

What the Answer Will Look Like


Their Time Has Come ... Muslims in DC


Why the Heathen Rage - Part 1

Why the Heathen Rage - Part 2 


Obama and Judea


God is Light - Part 1

God is Light - Part 2 "If We Walk in the Light" 


The Town Halls:  This is a Spiritual Problem


Out of Egypt

A Christian Analysis of Obama's Cairo Speech

Part 1 - Undermining the Legitimacy of Israel?

Part 2 - No Growth for Those Who are in Judea.

Part 3 - Why the Story of Isra?


Put Your Hand in My Side...Meditation on the Scars of Jesus


Twilight - Giving heed to fables... 


The Death of the Simple - Part 1

The Death of the Simple - Part 2

Loving Simplicity

Solzhenitsyn...He Tried to Warn Us

The Coming Judgment on the USA: 

The Iniquity and Ordinances of the Amorites

The Sickness Unto Death:  Spiritual Drukenness and False Revival

Defending the Indefensible...Todd Bentley Apologetic

My People Love it So...

Why There Must be Yet Another Mystical Revival

Todd Bentley - the New Simon Magus

Making God's People Trust in a Lie ...