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The Free Press Online

Alan & Pat Franklin's website gives recent news showing how Bible prophecies are coming to pass and relates to today.


Salvi and Di Hayworth missionaries to South Africa and the world. Passionately reaching out preaching the uncompromised word of God.

Understand the Times

Roger Oakland's Outreach Ministry focuses on how occultic philosophies (including evolution) and practices are affecting human consciousness on a global scale - grooming the world for massive deception.

Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Dave and Deborah Dombrowski publish well written, high quality books to further the reach of the Gospel and change lives.

Bob Westbrook

Bob Westbrook is a Bible prophecy teacher, writer, photographer, artist, and composer. In the past, he has been involved in inner-city ministry, and was the director of a local pro-life organization for several years.




The Muslim World In Bible Prophecy — Bill Randles Author (intrv)THE MUSLIM WORLD IN BIBLE PROPHECY — Bill Randles(Intrv) Author of: A Sword In The Land, The Muslim World In Bible Prophecy Immigration is the hot topic of t...youtube.com












Wycliffe Bible Translators

Founded in 1942, Wycliffe Bible translators has been translating the word of God into native languages worldwide. Their continuing mission is to begin the translation process of the Holy Bible into every language that needs it by the year 2025.

Deception in the Church

A ministry that brings attention to false practices of many modern day churches and helps to equip Evangelical Christians with the knowledge to confront false doctrines.

Let Us Reason

A ministry that provides Biblical, Christian awareness about world Religions, cults, fanatical groups and current trends.


The Berean Call

Books, videos and materials to equip christians for the ministry. 

Prisoner Alert

This is a ministry of Voice of the Martyrs - helping to call attention to the persecuted church. Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering much persecution for the cross of our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ.


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