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Pastor Matthew Fanning

July 31, 2008



The Iniquity and Ordinances of the Amorites

By:  Pastor Bill Randles

“ God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.  If he turn not He will whet His sword; he hath bent His bow and made it ready.” ( Psalm 7:11-12)

“The wicked shall be cast into hell and all nations that forget God.”  (Psalm 9:17)

What does Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a prosperous and hard working, commonsense, Midwestern city in the heartland of America have in common with San Francisco, California, a city world renown for it’s celebration of perversity?  The city of Cedar Rapids, which has a population of about 150,000, once known as “the Parlor City” for its quintessential, tree lined, mainline, church on every corner feeling and appearance. What could it possibly have in common with San Francisco, the city which recently issued an official condemnation of the Catholic church for its “hateful and discriminatory rhetoric” *, i.e. Rome’s teachings against homosexuality?

What the two have in common is that they both officially celebrated  “Gay Rights” events this June. So did almost every city of any size in the country. I see in this an ominous sign that we have reached a saturation point in our suicidal embrace of perversion.  The legalization of “gay marriage”, the normalization of homosexuality in the media and popular entertainment, the ordination of homosexuals in the mainline churches, are all indicators that our “cup” is filling radically.

Did you know that there is even a  “Gay Caucus” in the U.S. congress?

“The two openly homosexual members of the U.S. House of Representatives have recruited 50 of their colleagues to officially join them in promoting the homosexual agenda in Congress Democrats Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin are the only open homosexuals serving in Congress. They have joined with Republicans Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Christopher Shays of Connecticut, and 50 other Democrats to create the House Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus. Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says it is a sad day when Congress enshrines official promotion of sexual immorality."

At What point is the “iniquity of the Amorites full”? For we have become the modern day Amorites! By Amorites I refer to the scripture in Genesis 15, when God told Abraham that his seed would go into exile in Egypt for 400 years, and then would come out, with God’s help, and possess the land. The reason given for the delay n possessing the land was that the “iniquity of the Amorites was not yet full”.

“And he said unto Abraham, know of a certainty that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land…and they shall afflict them four hundred years…but in the fourth generation they shall come here again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.” (Genesis 15:13-16)

The Amorites were the original inhabitants of Canaan. They were decadent, even at the time of Abraham, it was their Canaanite culture that produced Sodom and Gomorrah. Yet the Judgment, which would eventually annihilate them, had not yet come, and would not for another 400 years. As Peter tells us, ”The longsuffering of the Lord is salvation, the Lord is patient and slow to anger”. Yet the judgment did come, and the Canaanite civilization was all but wiped out. Evidently their cup of iniquity had become filled.

John Macternan has some interesting observations about this subject in his article called “Homosexuality and God’s Holiness”, concerning the verse, Genesis 15:16 he writes:

When studying Genesis 15:16 there is a key word in this verse. It is the Hebrew word translated full. This word is directly connected with the idea of friendly or friendship. The concept of this word is that when a society is friendly with iniquity at that point it is subject to judgment from God. Iniquity is no longer shameful or a disgraceful.    

Even places like Cedar Rapids, Iowa have in an official capacity made their peace with homosexuality.  I have no doubt that the majority of the population there is repulsed by it, but the official observance of “Gay Rights” is becoming increasingly commonplace.  We have gone beyond the tolerance of it; there is now an official celebration of it in cities all across the nation.

Macternan draws our attention to another scripture about the ‘iniquity of the Amorites’ which eerily portends our current situation. He points out that in Leviticus God mentions the “ordinances” of the Amorites also as being part of what brought their final Judgment. In other words, not only did they welcome and celebrate evil, they actually sanctioned it into their laws and ordinances!

Leviticus 18:3 After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do: and after the doings of the land of Canaan, whither I bring you, shall ye not do: neither shall ye walk in their ordinances.

In the above verse, the key word is ordinances. The Hebrew word means an enactment and is also translated custom, manner, and statute. By using the word ordinance the Bible is describing a society that is “friendly” with iniquity. Iniquity has become ingrained in the Canaanites by both customs and laws which makes it a way of life. For this reason, God is about to judge the Canaanites and drive them off the land.  Later in chapter 18, the Bible defines iniquity. It includes such acts as: adultery, child sacrifice, homosexuality and bestiality. Homosexuality is singled out from this group and described as an abomination. Without any doubt, God strongly condemns the homosexual act as iniquity. There is no section in the Old Testament where God approves or condones homosexuality. The homosexual act is a very serious offense to God. It is linked with child sacrifice and bestiality.

The fact that homosexuals have so infiltrated our society that there is now a “Gay Lobby” to push through homosexual legislation, ought to be a warning to all who fear God, that the clouds of final judgment are gathering. It ought not to surprise anyone that this particular “Gay Pride” month was interrupted by the most serious and toxic flooding ever seen in Iowa. Californians also had to have their “Gay Pride” celebration in between attempting to put out the massive wildfires that have destroyed billions of dollars of property.  God told the Israelites that the land itself would vomit them out of it, should they ever embrace the iniquity of the Amorites or enact their statutes.

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