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Themes from First John - 126 pages

Do you know God? How do you know Him? Have you ever seen Him? Have you ever heard His audible voice? Have you gotten beyond the Scriptures into a deeper intimacy with God, or are you still on the level of "mere head knowledge"? You say you love Jesus, but have you ever seen Him? Are you still waiting for Him to come and rescue you in some kind of an 'escape plan'?

These and many others were the kinds of questions which the Gnostics would raise (and still do), Thus unsettling the faith of the "ordinary Christians". After all, who wants to be just an "ordinary" Christian when you can be among the elite, in the "inner court" or on the cutting edge of the 'great move of God'?

In this book, "Mending the Nets", Pastor Bill shows how the apostle John deals with these and other vital matters of our day.