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Flee Fornication

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Flee Fornication– This exposition calls upon Christians to reject the deception; that one can participate in the “exclusionary sins” listed in I Corinthians 6, most notable fornication (the whole range of sexual sins).  Pastor Bill reveals hard to understand sections of this passage, and shows how stunningly relevant to today Paul’s message really is.

The Death of the Simple– Pastor Bill expands on the sin of fornication, warning young people about how common it is and how the culture induces young people to be turned into adulterers before they are even married.  Pastor Bill also calls attention to specific “end-times sins” listed twice in Revelation and explains why they are warned against.  Finally, we are taken through the warning of Proverbs 7, which Pastor calls, “The Death of the Simple”.

Marriage Is To Be Honored By All- In this message Pastor talks about the difference between negative and positive commandments of God, and how to see our deepest sins in such a way as to turn away from them.  Part of this message is a valuable discussion on “The Holy”.  The commandment of God says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, but positively stated, it is “Marriage is to be honored by all”.

The Sanctity of Marriage– The Bible begins with a wedding and ends with a wedding.  Marriage is ordained by God, and God will sanction the one who violates it.  The best cure for a fornicating heart is a God-centered view of marriage.