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Habakkuk ~ Wrestling With God

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The prophet Habakkuk's message is timeless, and as relevant to our day as to any.

Though it is little known by most, two thirds of the New Testament is centred around

one verse in Habakkuk, “The just shall live by faith...”. Explores issues such as: How is

a christian supposed to see terrorism, violence, crime and human exploitation? Why do

evil men seem to prosper? What is God’s purpose and how can we expect to see it come

to pass? The prophecy is climaxed with a stunning vision of the return of Jesus Christ.



1 • Wrestling God (Habakkuk 1)

2 • On God's Use of Evil Men (Habakkuk 2)

3 • God Came From Teman (Habakkuk 3)

4 • The Glory of Christ (Habakkuk 3)