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Each of the four Gospels has a theological burden, an insight into some uniqueness
of Jesus Christ and why He came. According to Pastor Bill, Mark’s burden
was to show us that Jesus Christ was the long awaited “Servant of Jahweh”
prophesied in Isaiah. Therefore Mark in his narrative repeatedly uses the word
“Immediately!” in describing Jesus’ non-stop activity—healing, preaching,
casting out demons. He is the ultimate servant carrying out the works of God.
This series also teaches us the meaning behind the miracles recorded in Mark,
the “signs” and what they point to. Jesus is the healer and restorer of the
whole man! From fever, to leprosy, to withered hands, to demon possession, to
non-stop bleeding, to the ultimate death and ressurection—Jesus’ miracles as
recorded in Mark convey a deeper message in and of themselves.